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Nursing Home Transition Program

~ "Thank you for helping me get back home...." –Geoffrey, Grand Junction Read more of Geoffrey's story here
~ "I never thought moving home again was possible." –Ralph, age 87
~ "I had no idea where to turn. Region IV Area Agency helped my mom move home again. What a blessing!" – Andrea, age 45
~ "They helped me get back home. They've been so good to me!" - Pauline, age 80 Read more of Pauline's story here

The Nursing Home Transition Program is for people who reside in a nursing home and want to talk with someone about other living options. Whether you have been in a nursing home for a few months or a few years, if you are interested in moving out of the nursing home, we are here to help.

Simply call us at (800) 654-2810 and ask for information about the Nursing Facilty Transition program.
During that phone call we will ask some questions about you. After that phone call, a Care Manager will contact you to schedule an appointment to meet with you in person. Region IV Area Agency still makes housecalls and we will come to you. Please feel free to invite anyone you want to have present with you, such as your spouse, adult children, siblings, and any other trusted friends to that first meeting where you will learn more about your options. 

No mater your age or income, we will speak with you about your individual situation and needs. We offer a non-biased assessment and help provide you information so you can make an informed choice on all options available to you.

We help people move out of the nursing home everyday.
•    Some people move back to their home with bathing/cleaning assistance and other support services.
•    Some people move in with their family or friends.
•    Some people move into an Assisted Living Facility or Adult Foster Care/Home for the Aged. All of these facilities are Michigan-licensed and have staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

But what if I no longer have a home or apartment to move back to? Region IV Area Agency has a Housing Specialist on staff. A Housing Specialist will work with you to understand your housing preferences and will work specifically with you to find affordable, accessible housing where you want to live.

How to start the process:
You, the Nursing Facility staff, a family member, or other advocate can complete a Referral Worksheet and fax it to AAA at to begin the process.  Or call us tollfree (800) 654-2810.