MI Choice Waiver – January 19, 2018

Listen to an interview discussing the services provided by the MI Choice Waiver program.


 Aging Mastery Program – December 22, 2017

Listen to hear information about the Aging Mastery Program that is being offered in the community.

Region IV Area Agency on Aging Overview – January 15, 2017
Hear about the many programs and services available at Region IV Area Agency on Aging, including the MI Choice Waiver program.

MI Choice Waiver – August 17, 2016

Listen to hear important information about the MI Choice Waiver program.



Listen to the weekly Take a Break podcasts below for important information for Caregivers.


Take a Break is a Spring/Summer campaign by Region IV AAA to raise awareness of the role caregivers play and the services available to help them "Take a Break.“ The campaign consists of media education, caregiver classes, demonstrations of handy gadgets to make tasks easier, and a no-cost opportunity to try different types of community services to help caregivers "Take a Break.”


Area Agency on Aging Overview – September 28, 2015

Listen to a conversation about the Area Agency on Aging and the many services they provide to the community to help people live independently.

Michigan Medicare Medicaid Program and Information & Assistance – September 21, 2015

Hear how the Michigan Medicare Medicaid Program, also referred to as MMAP and the Information and Assistance team, referred to as I&A, provide assistance to the community.

Long Distance Caregiving – September 14, 2015

A long distance caregiver shares how he uses a team approach with his siblings to care for his father. Also, a human resource manager talks about working with caregivers who are caring for loved ones.



Chore Services – September 7, 2015

A discussion of how chore services can help a caregiver take a break. These services might include washing windows, yard work, power washing a deck, deep cleaning, or installing grab rails in a home.



Home Modifications – August 31, 2015

A licensed builder talks about working with seniors and their caregivers to help make needed adjustments in the home. Hear how doing some modifications to a home can help keep a friend, neighbor or loved one safely in their home.



Home Safety Assessments – August 24, 2015

A caregiver shares the importance of having a home safety assessment done for the one they are caring for. Listen to the importance of evaluating the home of your loved one to keep them safely in their home.



PATH – Personal Action Toward Health – August 17, 2015

Personal Action Toward Health, or PATH, is a workshop series helping people better manage their chronic conditions. A PATH instructor and participant discuss their involvement with the PATH workshops and the personal benefits the workshops have provided to each of their lives.



Moving from a Nursing Home – August 10, 2015

A daughter talks about moving mom home from a nursing home and the important help she received from aging and disability professionals. She gives advice for others who are facing these issues.



Custom Care – August 3, 2015

A working caregiver providing care for numerous family members talks about her role of providing care to loved ones nearby as well as family members who live far away. She talks about it being a family affair, being a team with different roles but still need expert assistance.



Senior Companion Program – July 27, 2015

The Senior Companion Program is an opportunity for seniors to help make the lives of others more enjoyable. A senior companion volunteer talks about being a volunteer and the personal satisfaction she receives from the program. You’ll also hear from a program recipient who has benefited from the program.



My Choice Waiver – July 20, 2015

A My Choice Waiver client talks about how the program has helped his mother to live at home instead of moving to a nursing home. Also discussed is the ability of the program to adjust to the client’s changing needs over time.



Great at Any Age – July 13, 2015

Do you have Diabetes? Or are you worried about you or an older loved one falling? This podcast features the GREAT at Any Age program offering free Diabetes Self-Management and Falls Prevention classes proven to help you manage your health condition and avoid falls.



Caring for Someone with Memory Loss – July 6, 2015

Caring for someone with memory loss brings unique challenges for the caregiver. Listen to this podcast to learn about services and supports available to help you Take a Break and take care of yourself while caring for others.



Home Delivered Meals – June 29, 2015

Nutrition needs change as we age. Listen to this podcast to learn how good nutritional support is important for caregivers and the person they care for.



Adult Day Services – June 22, 2015

Hear from a caregiver how Adult Day Services plays a role in their loved ones activities and provides them with the social interaction and care they need on a regular basis.



Respite Care – June 15, 2015

You'll hear how in-home respite care can provide relief to caregivers and help them stay engaged in their caregiving role while taking care of themselves as well.



Caregiver Stress – June 8, 2015

Hear about the importance of taking a break from your caregiving role and how the Area Agency on Aging can help you do just that. Also hear a touching conversation with a man caring for his twin who has early onset Alzheimer’s disease and their journey through this disease process.